Easy, Last Minute Cake Recipe

Believe it or not, this giant cupcake cake, including the decorating, came together in only about 20 minutes of hands on time. This is my go to cake/cupcake recipe when I need to bake something quickly. It only uses 2 pantry items and some milk/milk alternative, and can be made vegan. It’s a great option if you get a call that company is on their way, or the kids have a bake sale in the morning. The cake comes out super moist, but also light, and can be cake, cupcakes or mini cupcakes, whatever you need.

The actual cake is simply one boxed cake mix and one box of jello pudding. That’s it!

All you need to do is mix the pudding and your choice of milk according to the directions on the box, then add the cake mix to the pudding. Throw it in greased cake pans or cupcake liners, and you are done. Bake it until a toothpick comes out clean. While the cake bakes, mix up your favourite frosting recipe, and decorate when cooled.

The cake can be made vegan, as a lot of boxed mixes and pudding options are vegan. Just check the ingredients. Use non-dairy alternatives for the pudding and buttercream, et voila! Effortless vegan option.

The buttercream I used on the pictured cake was piped with Russian piping tips, which are easy to use, even if you’re hopeless at piping like me! The whole thing took only a few minutes.

I’ve done this many, many times with chocolate, vanilla, lemon and butterscotch cakes, and it always works!

Let me know if you give this a try!

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