Lemon on Pizza?

I recently watched a YouTube video about putting slices of lemon on pizza. It seemed very strange to me, but strangeness always leads to curiosity. I bought a pizza stone not long ago, and decided I needed to try it immediately!

I made homemade, personal-size, pepperoni pizzas for the kids, because I knew they would not be open to trying this concoction. Let’s be real, sometimes getting them to eat pepperoni is a challenge. I then set out to make my veggie pizza with lemon slices. I threw on all the usuals: onions, peppers, tomatoes. I added zucchini, since I needed to finish one up. I then washed and sliced my lemon as thinly as I could. I love the pairing of lemon and black pepper (even sometimes in desserts), so I cracked some pepper on top, drizzled some olive oil, and tossed it in the oven.

I was very excited to give this a try! It was actually quite tasty! The rind of the lemon charred enough that it wasn’t bitter, and the fruit still had a nice citrusy flavour that paired well with the black pepper. I think if I try this again, I will drizzle the slightest bit of honey over top and include a soft-nut like a pine nut or slivered almond to give a bit of texture. Overall, I quite enjoyed it.

I’d love to hear from you. What is the most bizarre pizza topping you’ve tried, and did you enjoy it?

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